Do you need your computer equipment repaired or serviced? We offer a quick turnaround time for repairs so that you can have your computer up and working properly.
GHESAR IT SERVICES offers fast and efficient hardware equipment repair along with fast and reliable software installation. If you notice that your computer runs slower than usual or has stopped working altogether it may be due to a number of problems that we can detect during diagnosis. Our specialists determine the cause of what´s slowing down your computer and we provided you with an estimate or quote.
We offer corporate IT solutions with guaranteed work or computer repair for business. If we are unable to solve your computer´s problem or repair your computer, you are not required to pay. We are available and look forward to providing you with great service in solving any dilemmas that your equipment may be experiencing.
Do you have an urgent matter or need an IT engineer or technician on site for computer repair services? Contact us to learn more about our products and IT services. We are confident that by selecting our team you will find satisfaction in the way we care for and repair your equipment from your home, office or business.
We have the technology to install memory to make your equipment run faster at an affordable rate. Speed up your computer, old or new, by improving memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs. Let our professional services work according to your needs in IT support.
The hard disk installation lets you get the most out of your files, photos and music. If you fear that you are running out of space on your computer, we can help you with this. After determining what you need, we will install and configure your equipment and have your PC running at top performance.