The cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.
Determining the right cloud-based option — or whether the cloud makes sense at all for you — requires careful consideration.

Today, more than ever, companies need to operate and compete at an unprecedented speed and scale as industries are reshaping beneath them. This means innovating faster, creating new revenue streams, deriving more insights from data – and from the edge – and interacting differently with their customers, partners and employees. All of these changes are fundamental, inter-connected and require a catalyst to drive them – and that is Cloud.

GHESAR has been designing and implementing cloud solutions for small and large businesses all over the world. Clients rely on our expertise to assess their options and, if the cloud aligns with their objectives, recommend solutions and ensure a smooth cloud integration.

Be a Cloud-first Organization

While most enterprises are using the cloud, many still rely heavily on traditional IT, simply using cloud services tactically, such as in development and testing. The pace of cloud adoption is often constrained by not having a clear business case, not defining a comprehensive organizational transformation plan, or a failure to identify the risks accurately.
Enterprises need to develop comprehensive strategies for making the transition to a cloud-first way of working, where the cloud is the preferred and prioritized IT model in order to:
• Be more agile and flexible
• Improve business and IT performance
• Disrupt business models
• Adapt to a rapidly-changing digital world

Plan Your Journey to the Cloud

We deliver a cloud strategy that enables digital transformation with:
• Cloud Business Vision: Align your cloud strategy with business objectives to create a compelling target end-state
• Cloud Value Case: Identify the costs and benefits of the next stage of your journey to the cloud
• Cloud Roadmap: Plot your journey through the options and activities needed to deliver the end-state
• Cloud Transformation Plan: Identify the associated organizational changes and skills needed to unleash the true potential of cloud.

We will help to build a strong foundation for your cloud journey, enabling the transition from cloud-first intent to reality. Your cloud ambitions will be clearly mapped to business results