Simplify IT decisions and help solve the daily challenges that your business faces. Integrated server solutions can help improve your business’s productivity and performance. Our team of system managers and computer support are experts. Is your company or organization experiencing performance issues? Do your workers complain about application effectiveness? Is your email system just not enough? Are you afraid of losing important files or data? Are you worried about the safety of your company’s network security?

We are ready to put our years of experience to work for your benefit. Conducted by trained specialists in the accreditation of servers and certification of services and IT support, ensures the continuation of quality service. Our commitment is to give our clients the best customer support and service. Our agents work around the clock to ensure safety, reliability and effectiveness.

We are problem solvers that offer real solutions. We have experience in server installation, configuration and control of Windows Servers, including Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Server 2011, and Windows Server 2012. We know how to command the configuration of domain controllers, file servers, Exchange servers (Exchange 2003, 2010 and 2013) Or also known as business email or corporate email, fax servers and Windows Small Business web servers. We have knowledge in solving common problems such as effectiveness and speed of Applications.

Protect your network by configuring a Linux firewall server that establishes strong policies to protect your organization and grants you control to monitor the web traffic of each user pertaining to your company.

Keep your Business information protected & secured with antivirus installation and configuration for your servers.

Setting up a local back up will ensure that your company’s important data will be stored safe and protected to ensure data recovery. We also offer cloud solutions and storage configuration or you have the option of having your data stored on a server.

Installations and Configurations Offered:

Microsoft Windows Server Family
Microsoft Exchange Servers (business email or corporate email)
Microsoft Active Directory domain controller configuration
Microsoft Small Business Server
Linux Server Family
Linux Firewall protected information
Creation, installation and server migration and disaster recovery