Networking in the business world has increased in recent years as business operations increasingly depend on it. High-definition quality videos, mobility in the office, workplace virtualization, server consolidation and internationalization are basic needs of organizations, which require systems with an increasingly demanding network. Do you need just a couple of new computer network cables run in your office? Are you moving soon? From simple to complex cabling, our licensed communications technicians can repair, add on or design an entirely new office network from start to finish!

IT SERVICES implements enterprise applications in providing organization and connectivity anywhere that includes intelligent and optimal performance and security standards. In addition, we always supply you with the most secure network and provide technical support when you need it. We offer solutions and products in order to ensure connectivity of your network and secure your active equipment. We provide integration using a set of standards established by the agencies involved in developing them. We offer our experience and guarantee structured cabling solutions or network cabling service, including a series of cables, sockets and patching hardware. All components work together to produce an electrical output that meets standards while providing the installation of network cabling for your home or office and includes Cat5, Cat6 and fiber optics. Within our services, we also provide the installation of network racks, patch panels, wall plates or surface mounted modular boxes, all while debugging and testing your facility’s existing cable installations.

Computer networks cabling or network cabling service consist of a variety of different components, including but not limited to data network cabling (CAT5 / CAT6), network switches, routers, firewalls, desktops, laptops, servers and VPN. Our expert consultants in computer networking can truly help you define and implement what the right infrastructure and network requirements are to support you in your current and future business. We assess your needs, business requirements and existing technologies. Request a quote. There is no obligation.