GHESAR hardware and firmware development capabilities are applicable for all business environments ranging from home offices to large corporations. The team of proven experts incorporates all the latest technologies and languages to design and develop hardware, create a prototype, test and debug it, providing complete system integration.
GHESAR comprehensive team of professionals develops both hardware and software components for electronic devices, offering a customer end-to-end product development from the concept to a ready-to-use device. GHESAR possesses extensive experience and practical knowledge in the range of application domains of embedded systems.
To guarantee the stable hardware performance, GHESAR’s team is able to conduct a range of testing activities, which include among other hardware validation, functional testing activities, environmental and stress testing. Based on such approach, GHESAR can perform and support projects of different sizes – the development of the device and documentation creation, as well as updating and integration of various systems, software development, and sample creation. Our philosophy is to provide ultimate solution to your product application.