Software Licensing Management & Software Copy Protection Solutions


  • RELIABLE – 25 years supporting customers with protective software licensing solutions
  • INNOVATIVE – 1st company to create software controlled licensing & copy protection
  • SPECIALIZED – we dedicate 100% of our time to software licensing, security & protection
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS – from simple wrapper through application embedded protection
  • EFFORTLESS – simple setup with automation options available


CRYPKEY Products have been Trusted since 1992


For 25 years now, CrypKey has been providing companies with an added sense of security through our tools for managing software licenses and copy protection of Windows based Software and Documents. Over that time, our quick and easy to implement SDK, Instant and DLM products have evolved into a comprehensive set of tools that can accommodate almost any business model.

Whether a sole proprietor or a Corporation of thousands, no matter the size of your business we have a solution for you.

  • Licensing & protection that is easy to implement
  • Automated internet driven licensing
  • Flexible control of your licensing
  • Scalable licensing control that can be integrated with any system
  • Strong industry leading security


Our fee structure has NO ROYALTY FEES and affordable pricing. We are one of the only companies that does not charge you more if you have more customers.


We want our solutions to work for you. We are not just in the business of selling software. We want you to find a protection solution that meets your needs. We will tell you up front if we are not a good fit and even give you recommended alternatives! However, we feel there is a great chance that our features will meet your needs.