GHESAR offers a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) service that delivers unparalleled data protection and business continuity to demanding business users. GHESAR BDR is a service that combines backup technology to the cloud and emergency virtual servers for worst case scenarios. GHESAR BDR delivers a complete business continuity solution. Client data is protected, guaranteeing uptime and resiliency for mission critical servers and applications. HOW GHESAR BDR WORKS

• eFolder software periodically creates image-based and/or file-level backups from the customer servers at pre-configured intervals

• The images are automatically backed up locally to the on-site BDR appliance

• The image backups are then automatically verified and backed up to the eFolder Storage Cloud

• eFolder delivers various system monitoring, data privacy, and data integrity technologies to guarantee the success and reliability of the backup operations

• In the event of server outage, the on-site BDR appliance is used for an on-site copy of the impacted servers, restoring full operation to the business in less than 24 hours

• In the event of local a disaster that destroys a location or the servers, eFolder supplies multiple recovery options for the image-based backups, including downloaded, physical shipment of the images on disk/NAS device, or recovery in the eFolder Continuity Cloud FILE-LEVEL AND IMAGE-BASED BACKUPS File-Level Backup: Incremental file level backups or system state (snapshot) backups provide clients with the ability to restore critical data and applications to a new machine or new cloud server if they are lost. These backup files are stored in off-site facilities and can be downloaded and restored to new servers in as long as it takes to migrate them from the cloud to the new server. Image-Based Backup: Image-Based backup solutions protect an entire virtual machine (server). Live captures of the entire server are conducted on-the-fly with no down time, and copies of these are stored on the Efolder Continuity Cloud. In the event of an entire server failure, these Image-Based backups can be restored on another virtual machine and the client site can then be linked with the new server in 1-4 hours.